Cashmere Clouds

Cashmere Clouds is the only North American wholesaler of Dong Rong Group. Their company has been manufacturing for worldwide brands and is well established in Japan, Italy, and England. With their products quickly gaining success due to the impeccable quality and annual sales reaching 1.1 million in individual products worldwide, Dong Rong Group looks forward to dominating the North American cashmere market. Cashmere Clouds is excited to continue Dong Rong’s success and amaze consumers with our own pricing point and supreme quality. 

Our Cashmere

Our white cashmere goats live in the northern Mongolian region. Within this cold region, our cashmere goats are able to grow their long and slender cashmere. A strand of cashmere is between 14.5 microns to 15.5 microns with a length of 36mm or longer.​

With our world’s finest cashmere, you will not only look terrific, but also feel the warmth and softness of the world’s best fabric. ​

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